Wednesday, June 23, 2010

if only.

i've been working on a new, deep and insightful post for a couple weeks now. if i can ever find my train of thought again and hop back on it, it would be a great post.

Friday, June 11, 2010

all aboard!

conversation that happened while i was getting ready for work this morning:

Abi: What is Aunt Ami?
Claire: an engineer.
Abi: and what do engineers do?
Claire: (shy smile)
Abi: What does Aunt Ami do? Does she drive the trains?
Claire: (nods and smiles)

i love my family.

Monday, June 7, 2010

my crazy life.

or: why i have not posted any vacation pictures.

Tuesday: i flew East to get home from vacation, losing 3 hours in the air. got back to my apartment and promptly fell asleep on my living room floor. i woke up a half hour later and went to bed.

Wednesday: got up. went to work. was informed that i would be working on a project that has about two months of work left on it. they would like it to be done in two weeks. went home. rode the bike for 30 mins. made dinner. painted my toenails. fought to upload pics to facebook. started looking for houses. found one i thought looked perfect. called fiance to check it out. made an appointment to see it the next day. went to bed.

Thursday: got up an hour late. got ready and made it to work on time. worked partway through lunch. went to look at houses in MD after work. fiance fell in the basement of the house i found and discovered that it was secretly falling down. went to a church BBQ. played cornhole and volleyball. drove fiance to get a tetanus shot. drove home. went to bed.

Friday: got up. went to work. got switched to work on a job that is apparently even more urgent than the one i was on. spent part of the day figuring out which houses to look at after work. got coffee. went to look at houses. found a few we liked. spent the night at fiances house.

Saturday: woke up early. took fiance's parents to look at the top contenders. drove to my apartment to get ready for cousin's wedding. almost forgot to eat lunch. drove to state college. talked to real estate agent and fiances parents as we drove. decided to make an offer on a house. got to the wedding. enjoyed the wedding. drove home from the wedding. made more phone calls about the house as we drove back to fiances house. went to bed.

Sunday: got up and went to early service. chatted with youth pastor about DJing our wedding. drove to BBnB. registered for some wedding presents. drove back to fiances house for fiances dad's birthday party. played with beads for bridesmaids jewelry with fiances aunt. continued to discuss making an offer on the house. got frustrated that we couldnt do anything cuz it was sunday. drove home. febreezed whole apartment cuz it reeked of smoke thanks to my new next door neighbors. went to bed.

Monday: woke up at 5:15am thanks to my new downstairs neighbors having a major domestic dispute that involved yelling, door slamming, profanity, and someone getting kicked out. tried to fall back asleep. failed. got up. came to work. hopefully getting preapproval for our loan today so we can sign the contract to make the offer on the house after work today.

exciting things are happening. it is exhausting.