Wednesday, November 27, 2013

that's a wrap.

i'm not feeling very thankful lately. i've been compiling thankful lists in my head for the past few days, but they just stay in my head - the thankfulness doesn't extend to any other part of me. i KNOW i am thankful, but i don't FEEL thankful, and i don't know that i've been ACTING particularly thankful either. and yet, i am compelled to continue and complete my thankful list. because i am a kind-of-crazy perfectionist who cannot leave an attainable challenge unfinished.

61. my iPod.
62. headphones.
63. musicals.
64. fun outings with my inlaws.
65. not actually having to report for jury duty.
66. flexibility.
67. family reicpes.
68. long weekends.
69. short weeks.
70. my family.

71. thermostats.
72. pillows.
73. movie dates with friends.
74. friends.
75. lots of weekend plans.
76. not feeling compelled to go shopping on Friday.
77. Netflix.
78. a new (to us) juicer.
79. tasty juice recipes.
80. just-because presents.

81. hugs.
82. warm blankets.
83. free calendars.
84. internet access.
85. high-lighters.
86. Mark's new lawn tractor.
87. that i don't have to learn how to drive it. yet.
88. unlimited texting.
89. clean water.
90. my brain.

91. sleeping in.
92. voicemail.
93. digital photos.
94. being warm, safe, and dry.
95. access to healthy foods.
96. sunshine in the forecast.
97. the first snowflakes of the season.
98. Sophie.
99. four wheel drive.
100. that i was able to complete this list.

"Instead of complaining that God had hidden himself, you will give Him thanks for having revealed so much of Himself."             
                                                                 - Blaise Pascal

Friday, November 22, 2013

a spin on unthankful.

i feel like every year i hit a point in the month of November that i start having trouble being thankful. I try to be constantly thinking about what i should be thankful for (because i know there is so much!) but it is always so much easier to find things to complain about. take this morning for example - the first thoughts i had were about things i am definitely NOT thankful for:
early mornings.
cold rain.
my inability to make simple decisions.

but since this is the month of thankfulness, i didn't let myself stop there and let my mood ruin my whole day. it took a concentrated effort, and it took me just a little bit longer, but eventually my brain was able to put a positive spin on most of those un-thankfuls and turn them into the
things i am thankful for:
51. my dentist.
52. my toothbrush.
53. floss.
54. floss threaders.
55. new mouthwash.
56. insurance.
57. snooze buttons.
58. breakfast club.
59. windshield wipers.
60. Fridays.

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.”    - Harry A. Ironside

Monday, November 18, 2013

half way to one hundred.

41. whoever dreamed up the color run.
42. warm afternoons in November.
43. knees.
44. my knee brace.

45. tennis shoes.
46. my husband: he is encouraging, hard working, and fun!

47. warm showers.
48. shoeboxes full of presents.
49. coupons.
50. Christmas cards.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thankful lately.

31. forgiveness.
32. the post office.
33. a good job, with
34. a short commute.
35. muscles.
36. dinner in the crock pot.
37. facetime.
38. a fun church family.
39. busy weekends, and
40. a couple un-busy weeknights to recover.

"i am what i am, i'm doing very well in my life, and i'm thankful to God for that."        - LL Cool J

Friday, November 8, 2013

still thankful.

21. my sister Abi. she helps me view the world a different way.
22. phones.
23. bacon.
24. completely free evenings.
25. nephieces.
26. jazzercise.
27. just for fun books to read.
28. brand new babies.
         (not mine. but pretty much everyone i know is preggers, so yay for babies!)
29. online shopping.
30. sing-along-able music.

"we don't always have to be reaching for the bigger and better when we feel content where we are." - Leah

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ten more things.

today, i am thankful for:

11. paint.
12. surprises.
13. time spent with family.
14. beautiful fall leaves.
15. morning sunshine.
16. surprise free lasagna.
17. productive evenings at home.
18. dinner plans.
19. my warm house.
20.  glasses.

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need."             -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Friday, November 1, 2013

be grateful.

this is one of my favorite family holiday traditions - listing 100 things i am thankful for in the month of November.

i had 'jack-o-lanterns' on the list, but then took it off after i realized that its been in my 'top 10' every year just because i like to share pictures of our carved pumpkins. but i realized that i have PLENTY of other things to be thankful for and i can share pictures without necessarily using it as list-filler. this year's was a collaboration between me and Mark, and i'm kind of really proud of it.

This year, i am thankful for:
1. making it inside before the torrential downpour.
2. laughing with my husband.
3. Friday afternoon phone dates with my Mom.
4. my BFITW Julie. (let's hang out sometime soon?)
5. haircuts.
6. date nights.
7. that my sister didn't get hurt in the car accident.
8. my community group.
9. God's saving grace.
10. tacos.

"be grateful. what you have may not be exactly what you want, but it is a lot and it is yours."                                              -Leah

**as always, these annual november thankful lists are not in any sort of meaningful order other than the random order my brain spits things out.**