Wednesday, July 30, 2008


as i was in the shower after my run (yay me!) i realized that i did an awful job with that last post. specifically, i never really explained the title which, of course made sense in my head which means that it most likely doesnt make any sense to anyone on the outside of my head. the thought behind it went something like this: its like the thoughts in my head are like a small child who is being forced into doing something that they dont want to do, like go to school or to the dentist's and they have their hands and feet braced against the door frame, or if a door frame is not readily available they could resort to flailing of their arms and legs, resisting with all their might regardless of their resources, and screaming at the top of their lungs (even tho any good bando knows that you actually get more power from the bottom of your lungs) there is a Calvin and Hobbes strip that shows this very scene, and regardless of whether or not you have ever seen it i'm sure your imagination is good enough to now maybe have a better idea of where my brain was going with that last post. sorry for the confusion. thats how life is sometimes.

kicking and screaming.

i have such great aspirations for this blog. when i'm not sitting in front of my computer my mind is full of fun things to write about that will let people know what's up with me, and that yes, i am alright... and then i sit down to actually get these thoughts out of my head, and they resist, kicking and screaming, refusing to come out. i wish there was something i could do to convince them otherwise, cuz they are good thoughts that i would love to share with all of you. perhaps i'll try sweet talk mixed with the promise of ice cream and chick flicks... thats what solves all my other problems anyway, that or a wet washcloth. :)
(i'm guessing it would have to be a warm one to work in this case... but only mamma's know that kind of information)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i feel the need to update today, but i'm not entirely sure what i should say. perhaps something about the family's recent foray to maryland, and then maybe mention how i proceeded to make it to Mahaffey (and home again!) completely wrecklessly :) but sadly without a milkshake or the annual picture.
maybe today would be a good day to talk about my family's upcoming move, you know, express how i'm really feeling about the whole thing... or maybe delve even deeper into the depths of my emotional wreckage and pull out some gems like my relational issues or my fear of commitment mixed with my great desire to be loved and my fear of being alone and in one swift, fluid, almost imperceptible move tie it all back to the fact that my dad never took me fishing when i was a little girl...
ok now i'm just getting ridiculous, but hey thats just how brainstorming goes sometimes. thats what Mrs Salpino taught me after all... i knew it would come in handy someday...
sorry i couldnt come up with anything to say. i'll try again another day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

home alone.

not only did i have to come home from vacation in maryland to go to work of all places, but now on top of that i am bored. i have had the house (mostly) to myself for three days, and can not seem to find the joy or excitement in it that i think i should. i mean come on, Macaulay Culkin took over the house and went on crazy adventures and caught bad guys and all kinds of fun stuff... ok maybe i could do without the bad guys trying to break into my house, but i could sure use a little bit of fun in my life.
perhaps i will break the boredom by doing nothing much productive, talkin to my best friend (hey julie thats you!), and goin to a car show. that should be good for tonight :)

ps in case u were wondering, i have only had the house mostly to myself because i have to share it with my whiner-butt dog...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

customer service?

i went to McDonalds today. the cashier made me feel dumb. which is ironic, cuz mostly she was just really bad at her job. i no longer work in food service, or even customer service, but if there is one thing i learned its that its not a good idea to make ur customers feel uncomfortable. one easy way to accomplish this is to simply greet them as they step up to the counter.

An acceptable customer service exchange:
Cashier: Hi, can i help you?
Customer: Yeah thanks, i would like...

What i got today:
Cashier: *blank stare*
Me: umm, uhh, duh... <-- honestly, i usually have a better response than that.

I really dont do well with stupid people.