Saturday, May 30, 2009

i have a lot of pictures.

but unfortunately, i cant post any of them. first of all, my camera battery is dead. it can be charged, but my bigger issue is that i cant find my camera cord. so once my battery charges, i can take more pictures, but i cant post any of them yet until i dig through all the stuff in my car and find what i need. it could take a while. my car has been packed full for two weeks - i havent even opened my trunk yet im a little scared that if i open it it wont close again :)

so i guess its kind of obvious but i made it back from vegas in one piece, with only a henna tattoo as evidence of anything crazy i may or may not have done with my crazy vegas nights ;) i walked away from the slots with 150% return... i put a dollar in and won $2.50 im a high roller what can i say? if any of my investors are interested in collecting their share, i just have to advise you that the postage will cost more than the actual winnings

ive spent my time since i returned from the desert chillin on peoples pull out couches and in their spare rooms. im still trying to decide if i would suggest it to anyone else. its not a bad life as long as your ok with living out of a duffel bag with limited clothes options and never quite knowing where the little things that you only use every now and then are when you need them. ive been havin a good time hangin out with family and friends - i even got to celebrate my cousin's 21st with him and his friends :) good times with good people :)

so im not sure that anyone is really still reading this - my posting has slacked off since i dont have internet access 24/7 at school and without pictures i feel like my posts are full of the words that the pictures could usually fill and the words arent nearly as exciting... maybe ill have to have a giveaway to keep interests up until i find my camera cord. what exactly will i give away i'm not sure yet but i have a carload of stuff that might provide some interesting options... but until i come up with something unique, why not try to win a wii from this guys blog??

keep reading - i'll keep you updated :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

so this is vegas.

so im in vegas :) sitting in the library at UNLV using their internet because some very nice girl gave us her username and password :) we would be in the coffee shop that opens at 730 but the manager yelled at us and told us he didnt open til 8. i think he jus didnt like us. why are we up at such an ungodly hour in the morning you ask? oh maybe because our bodies are still on east coast time but in west coast time that means its time to wake up at 5am!!! i dont know when ill get to post again cuz internet costs money at our hotel :( but i promise to keep u all updated on my winnings lol :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

lets try this again.

ok so my last whiny post didnt get as many pity responses as i would have hoped. or even as many encouraging responses. i even left it up for you guys almost a full week. so i guess i have to take the hint that you want to hear happier things from me. so here goes. with plenty of bold words and !!exclamation points!! so you all know exactly how NOT whiny im being :)

1. i ended up with an A- in poli sci and im graduating Summa Cum Laude on Saturday!
2. i started packing and have downsized all my old books and notes from 5 boxes to 2!
3. i spent all day yesterday at Kennywood! it didnt rain at all and i might have even gotten a tan line!
4. i briefly wished that i was graduating with a large group of close friends, but after spending an hour and a half on a schoolbus with my graduating class, i realized exactly why that did not happen. who knew that you could make it take that long to get to Kennywood or make it feel even longer?
5. the Pens won game 7 last night! everyone around here is in a good mood.
6. tonight we're going to the Pirates game!
7. my family is coming tomorrow!!!!! i am so wicked excited about this. i havent seen them since january and i hear my brother has somehow managed to grow even taller! i did not think this was possible. in my head i can still take him in a wrestling match... but i'm not really so sure about that anymore.
8. if the sunshine decides to come out today, i think we are going skuzzy butt sliding at buttermilk falls!
9. i leave for Vegas, Baby! in a week! and the bridge is already on its way there!
10. and did i mention that oh my goodness im graduating from college on Saturday?!?!?!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

why so serious?

so here i sit. done with all my undergraduate requirements. (yay!) all the hard stuff is behind me. i survived neikirk's poli sci class, and might have even pulled out a B, even after the final. then in the most impressive hour of my life i ate lunch, got back to my room, showered, shaved, and transformed from the grimey bum i had been all morning into a pretty and competant lady, and made it back down to campus to give a presentation with three minutes to spare. if i can handle that, im pretty sure i can do pretty much anything. i'm ready (in theory) to graduate next week and take on the real world.
this is a good place to be. this is how i always wanted college to be - all the fun and none of the work. so why am i having such a hard time enjoying it and being happy to be right where i am? instead, im worried about all kinds of things like where i'm gonna live and how i'm gonna get there after graduation and whether or not my still relatively new relationship can survive across 2,000 miles and how i'm ever going to find a job to finance all the crazy travelling i am going to be doing and how bad i really want to be at my friends weddings but i cant do that from wyoming cuz i have no money. why does it always come back to the money? i need a job to get money so i can start paying back my school loans but i need to have a home address and figure out where i want to live before i can get a job but i need money for gas to drive everywhere and im stuck once again in a big catch22.
i thought i was finally going to know where i was heading and all the uncertainty was going to go away. what im trying to remind myself of now is that its not all that bad. everything will work out exactly how God wants it to, and i just have to be patient. i didnt ask to learn patience, but apparently someone out there asked for me. they obviously know something i dont know. but i guess i'll just have to find out later and try to enjoy the ride :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

oh my word its may.

when did this happen? apparently three days ago but still... i missed it! wasnt it just april like a week ago? you would think that after 22 years of this whole changing months thing i would be a little better at it. and yet, this one just caught me off guard. maybe ill have better luck next month.