Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hitting 100 before the holiday.

91. my parents.
92. fake fridays.
93. chinese buffets.
94. family to spend the holiday with.
95. laughter.
96. four day weekends.
97. joyful anticipation of great things.
98. new orange cars!
99. having an address.
100. Gretchen.

Monday, November 23, 2009

danke shane!

81. three day weeks.
82. the tomb is empty!
83. celebrating easter in november. (why not every day?)
84. colored goldfish.
85. new black heels.
86. Jesus loves me.
87. not being a part of the accident three cars ahead of me.
88. hoodies.
89. the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.
90. family that blogs :)

life is full of sweet surprises.

71. free lunch. (there IS such a thing!)
72. chipotle.
73. eating outside in the sunshine.
74. college roommates.
75. jello.
76. tie-dye.
77. curtains.
78. irons and ironing boards.
79. power tools.
80. relaxing fun weekends to forget about a stressful week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

thanks again.

61. mail in my mailbox.
62. no bills in my mailbox.
63. $100 in my mailbox.
64. online shopping.
65. a washer and a dryer in my apartment.
66. quesadillas.
67. fuzzy socks.
68. digital cameras.
69. email.
70. new kitchen accessories.

i am thankful for...

51. aquariums on rainy days.
52. the fact that i live far enough away from any walrus that could sit on me and kill me.
53. a niece that is a beautiful lady.
54. a nephew that is her handsome fella.
55. air mattresses.
56. terminal 8.
57. headlights.
58. bread bowls.
59. my own bed.
60. alarm clocks.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

whoah! i'm halfway there...

41. first Sundays in a new building.
42. handicapped parking spaces.
43. running into old friends.
44. birthdays.
45. new car shopping.
46. not eating lunch alone.
47. comfy pajamas.
48. weekends.
49. new makeup.
50. love.

i'm glad for what i have.

31. nice cashiers in walmart.
32. finding my wallet.
33. finding my keys.
34. naps.
35. lasagna.
36. the ability to laugh at embarassing and stressful moments.
37. friends to laugh with.
38. neighbors.
39. cell phones.
40. hot chocolate on rainy mornings.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

not so easy.

ok so i'm not gonna lie - i thought it would be fairly simple to get to 100 things that i'm thankful for in a month. thats only 10 posts of 10 things. i've posted more than that in a month. no biggie. right? wrong.
these past two days i've been finding it way easier to find things that i'm NOT thankful for (like backed up traffic, people who can't merge, frost on my car in the morning, being alone every night with no one to talk to, the world series bumping my wednesday night show for two weeks, forgetting my earrings, phone AND vitamin today...shall i continue? ) than it is to find things i am thankful for. a couple of times, i was able to look past my initial annoyance and see something good (backed up traffic led to me being thankful for well marked detours) but for the life of me i cant come up with anything good about people who come to a COMPLETE STOP on the on-ramp.
this is the best i can do today.

21. my Dad - who has loved me through everything and continues to do so.
22. my Mom - who managed to be a mom who commanded my respect when i was little but also turned into a friend as i grew up.
23. my Sister - who calls me pretty much every day to make sure I haven't choked and died.
24. having family on the West coast to call and cry to when its too late to call anyone on the East coast.
25. defrosters.
26. free coffee.
27. Robin and Dawn (my buns and abs of steel ladies)
28. leftover spaghetti.
29. treadmills.
30. Eye of the Tiger on my iPod.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 a happy heart.

11. a car that runs with surprising regularity and reliability.
12. well marked detours when the highway is backed up.
13. sunshine in the morning.
14. fog.
15. warm apple cider.
16. a blanket and a good book on a fall evening.
17. a tv to watch my favorite shows.
18. macaroni and cheese.
19. hi-liters.
20. menthol cough drops.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

because a thankful heart...

So every year for the past few years, my mom has spent the month of November making a list of things that she is thankful for. it seemed like a good idea to me, cuz i have a lot to be thankful for, so i'm gonna try it out this year.

1. jobs with benefits.
2. an apartment of my own.
3. flu shots.
4. Aunt Sara's taco dip.
5. boyfriends who think that being able to make said taco dip makes me an amazing cook :)
6. pumpkin patches and corn mazes on halloween.
7. a table with chairs to carve pumpkins at.
8. friends to carve pumpkins with.
9. 'Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.'
10. getting up at the right time when daylight savings time ends.