Thursday, April 24, 2008

inconsiderate people.

this is a rant against inconsiderate people.
i do not pretend to be right all the time, and im not gonna lie and say im always considerate of other people. but seriously, there are just some things that are over the top ridiculously inconsiderate. kind of like backing out on a commitment for no good reason, or taking someones clean, wet laundry out of the washing machine and putting it on top. cuz it would be SO much extra effort to put it in a dryer. pisses me off. makes me want to throw things. at people.
it would probably be in your best interest to just never touch my laundry. i tend to get a lil worked up over it.

Monday, April 21, 2008


this is where a boyfriend would come in handy. a good-looking, guitar playing, car saavy (sp?) boyfriend with a nice smile who with not much more than a big hug could make it all seem not quite so big and scary.

<-- all he needs is the guitar...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

paying attention.

its overrated.

i pay attention in all my classes, i take notes, and i sometimes even learn things. there are people in my classes who do not even have notebooks, show up on occasion, and learn nothing. this shouldnt bother me, its their life whatever... but then it hits me: they're still gonna pass. somehow, they will pass, and graduate, and probably manage to get just as good of a job if not better than me. and i paid attention. how unfair is that?
...and then there are the days when i decide that my time is better spent designing t-shirts anyway.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


inanimate objects keep beating me up.
that test on saturday not only made my head feel like it was in a vice, but also made my shoulders so tense that they still hurt a lil bit today.
last night i had a soccer game. i got in a little bit of a fight with the cement block wall, and then it proceeded to smack me over the head. so then my head hurt, and i spent the rest of the evening limping around Walmart cuz my knees were sore.
today i heard that my car got totalled. ok, so its not really my car at the moment its my sisters, but it was going to be mine until the other stupid car had to go and scrunch up the front of it. thats right, the car did it, there wasnt even any drivers involved.
Dear coalition of inanimate objects: (haha that could be the CIA) PLEASE stop picking on me. if i have done anything to insult your mother or in any other way anger you, i am sorry. Love Always, AmiDawn

Sunday, April 13, 2008


i have never seen the movie Braveheart. it seems like it would be some sort of a classic: one of those movies that everyone has seen, one that people would quote all the time, one that i should see sometime. my guess is that it is pretty up there on the list of "movies everyone should have seen before they get to college" ...probably right up there with Titanic and Fight Club. (first seen freshman and sophomore years respectively)
the only reason that the lack of this particular movie from my vast repertoire is perplexing me at the moment is 1. that i really do not want to study for my bible test right now and 2. i totally missed out on a really good reference to it this weekend. it seemed like it would be a lot of fun to come out of the FE exam yesterday and have a "braveheart moment" as Melissa described it, where we just threw our hands in the air and screamed "FREEDOM!" i just had absolutely no frame of reference for it. but of course in an effort to dispel any doubts about how cool i really am and to keep from reacting with a blank stare i just kind of laughed and said 'yeah definately' and let her believe that i knew exactly what she was talking about. shes not an idiot. i think she knows. i think ill have to rent Braveheart this weekend to save face.

i also have yet to see Transformers, and i do not like ham. (again...sorry to disappoint you Timmy)