Friday, May 28, 2010

songs in my head.

i am going on a Grand Vacation this weekend. i am extremely excited. so much so that i have had a song in my head all week. it is about Arizona. it is a sad song. it goes something like this:

don't you know there is no Arizona... no painted desert, no Sedona and if there was a Grand Canyon, she could fill it up with the lies he told her. but they don't exist - those dreams he sold her. She'll wake up and find there is no Arizona.

this is sad to me. but i cannot think of any other song about Arizona. i can think about happy songs about other states:
Sweet Home Alabama
California Girls (daisy dukes, bikinis on top)
Georgia on My Mind
Meet Virginia (i cant wait to...)
Devil Went Down to Georgia
Mississippi Girl

not to mention the ones that dont have the state right in the song title :
West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home country roads...

there are even some cities that get their own song:
in the morning i'm leaving makin my way back to Cleveland...
yes, we have no bananas... bananas in Scranton, PA.
but Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana (my home sweet home!)

WHY is there not a happier song about Arizona?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

time flies.

as i typed  the title for this post, my mind wandered to visions of little insects wearing leather jackets and sunglasses with clocks on their backs like a backpack and video cameras in their eyes that are capable of time travel because they are small enough to slip between the folds of the time-space continuum and bring back valuable information to us humans who are incapable of time traveling ourselves.

but i digress.

it has been over a year since i graduated college. over 8 months since i started my job. over two months since i got engaged. and just over 4 months til i will be a married woman.

i started to wonder to myself - "where has the time gone?" and then mid-wonder i stopped myself as i realized it has gone by in a monotonous blur of morning commutes, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, casual fridays, tv shows, etc. (please note i did not include vacuuming, dusting, or cleaning the bathroom! these are reserved for special occasions and do not occur often enough to be included in the monotony)

its kind of depressing if you think about it. i keep living for the future: always looking forward to graduation, or getting a job, or getting married, or Friday, or knowing HOW to do my job, or going on vacation, or finding a place to live, and on and on and on and where does it leave me? at the end of a year full of landmark events, both personal and historical, wondering where my time went. and where i really dont want to end up is at the end of my life, on my deathbed, and never have truly embraced the here and now, reveling in the small joys of every day rather than being dragged down in the monotony.

i found a gray hair the other day. i did like my mother taught me and pulled it out and forgot it was ever there. i dont want to admit that i'm growing up. that time keeps passing. that eventually i will be a wife and a mother and an engineer and really be responsible for something and someone other than myself.

buckle up. brace for impact. its coming fast.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quick and dirty.

i am still alive. i am still getting married in October. i bought wedding flowers last weekend with my MOH, BFOTB, and BFITW. i still go to work. i still like my job. today i lost the word 'unsuitable' multiple times. (this was unfortunate because i was classifying soil excavation as either suitable or un...acceptable? ...specified? ...suitable!!!) Mark and i are going tonight to look at a few foreclosure houses. my roses have no blooms, but are not dead. i started painting something last week. i am going on a Grand Vacation this weekend :) and on a beach vacation in June. my sister comes home in July! i have been thinking a lot about home and moving on and missed opportunities this week. i need to start working out on a regular basis again. i re-started daily devos. i'm on day 4. i like it :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

barbecueing in a sauna.

this morning i woke up early (guess my body was making up for sleeping in yesterday cuz i thought it was saturday) and my apartment was like a sauna. yes, i had turned the heat back on the past couple of days, but i couldnt figure out why it was 86 degrees when the heat was only set for 70. but since once again today was not saturday, i didnt have much time to investigate, so i turned on the air and went about my getting ready.

when i was all dressed and ready to go, i went into the kitchen to get some breakfast, and it was unbelievably EVEN hotter in there! like someone barbecueing in a sauna! it was then i realized that the oven was turned on. and had been left on.

at 400 degrees.




sometimes my own idiocy astounds me. but just in case you were wondering, the fries i had with my burger last night were absolutely delicious.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


for my birthday, i was given a rose bush in a pot. it had two purple flowers on it, and a number of buds, just waiting to burst into full and glorious color. i was SO excited, and extremely determined that it would not meet the same fate as my poor strawberry plants (they got left alone in my apartment over christmas and new years and shrivelled up and died)
it was still a little chilly outside when i brought them home, so i put my roses in the sunniest part of my apartment: on my dining room table. i watered them every morning. i was so proud of myself for remembering them every morning.
until they started turning brown.
i thought they were thirsty - so i watered them some more, hoping they would stop looking so parched.
they got worse.
so i decided they were just over crowded in their pot. so i went to walmart, got a bigger pot and some potting soil, and set out to relocate the poor parched overcrowded roses into a larger home.
when i pulled the pot out of its decorative container, i noticed a large amount of water laying in the bottom. then when i dumped them out of the pot they were in, i realized that the soil was ridiculously oversaturated.
apparently when plants are drowning they look just the same as when they are parched.
good thing i got the Miracle Gro Moisture Control soil.
After a successful transplant, i trimmed off most of the dead brown leaves and stems (which was most of the plant) to make way for the small part that was still alive, and just to make it look better.
there is one flower in the new big pot that now lives on my porch. it is pink. it is tall and skinny, and has a tendency to fall over, so it is staked up with a Disney Princess pencil and some black and white checkerboard ribbon. it looks especially stunning in the fading evening light.
i am so proud.