Sunday, August 31, 2008

politically incorrect.

true story: i went to a political rally yesterday. yea, i was rubbin elbows with those crazy people who stand outside the venue for hours in the hot sun, completely convinced that their way of thinking is absolutely right, and positively certain that their favorite candidate is without a doubt the only qualified person to be the next president of the United States.

mostly i just kept my mouth shut and tried to glean as much information as i could, without letting anyone know that i really had no idea what was goin on. you know how it goes, better to keep your mouth shut and be considered an extremely politically ignorant person, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. en boca cerrada no entran moscas.

so i sat. through the hours of heat and fear of someone stealing the seat i was trying to save. through some of the worst public speakers i have ever heard. through the performance of a girl singing to prerecorded music and backed up by two guitarists whose guitars werent even plugged in. through lynn swann attempting to be political through spors references. through 40 mins of listening to tom ridge ramble on and on as a time filler. the best thing i saw was jon rich (from big and rich) singin a couple songs. and the stuff he said in between songs was probably more convincing than any of the other speakers combined.

then John McCain made his grand entrance. and then he talked. for a grand total of 5 minutes. and all he did was introduce the girl who's gonna be his vice president. and then she gave the same speech she gave the night before. (it was all new to me.) and then we left.

and after all that, i still have no idea whether i want pennsylvania to turn red or blue...

Friday, August 29, 2008

tears on my pillow.

i probably miss you a lot right now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


my phone rang yesterday, and the number came up as Unavailable. if my sister's calls didn't come up this same way, i would stop answering these calls altogether.

"Hello, Anesthesia?"

No, this is Amanda.

"I speak to Anesthesia?"

No, i'm sorry you must have the wrong number.

"Ok, i try to talk to Anesthesia later."


Monday, August 25, 2008

and on the next to last first day she posted...

sorry mom for not posting as often as i should.

this past week has been full, to say the least. five full days of band camp ran straight into freshman orientation week which ran us all non stop (and almost into the ground) right into the first day of classes. my brain has been full of various schedules, lots of random and relatively pointless information, and more names than anyone should be required to learn all at once. (50 new freshmen engineers!!!) all in all, i think it would be safe to call it a successful week :)
now the fun starts. senior year. i dont look like a senior. i dont feel like a senior. and after hearing Doc tell us what all we have to do for our senior design projects, i dont know that i even want to be a senior anymore. i think i would prefer it if it would just be over... but hey, i'm not in this alone and i know that i can do this. i just think that i might need to remind myself that i am in fact capable of at least surviving til graduation.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

speaking of family...

home, love, family.

i have been doing a lot of moving lately.
a couple of weeks ago an entire summers worth of packing finally loaded itself into a truck and headed across the country to Wyoming. (ok so maybe it had a lot of help getting from the house into the truck...)
around that same time, all the essentials of my college life loaded themselves into my car and moved into a friend's house a couple streets away. it took a couple trips because Gretchen and her petite figure were unable to handle the exhorbitant amount of junk that i have accumulated in 21 years, but it all made it and found its way into my new room in my home away from home.
with the help of a friend with a truck a few weeks later my stuff moved once again. to college this time. for the last time. its weird to think about being a senior, to never again have to struggle up the steps on move in day, to only have to pay my bill one more time :) no doubt i will blog more about these thoughts that flirt dangerously with the fine line between exciting and absolutely terrifying.
people at school ask me where i'm from. i don't really know what to tell them. i've spent the majority of my recent life in Mars, but thats not where my family is. was Pumbaa right in saying that home is where your rump rests? i dont consider Geneva to be my home, but that's where i currently reside. its never been a hard question before now. all of a sudden introductions require a lot more thought. and people don't quite know how to react when i pull a piece of paper out of my pocket to copy my home address and phone number onto registration forms.

is it possible to miss a place that you've never been?

before you all jump right in your cars to come and rescue me from my misery, i just want to reassure you that i really am having a great time, meeting new people and hangin out with old friends, and gearing up to have some serious fun with my senior year :) but visitors and mail are ALWAYS welcome ...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

monday thursday.

i overslept by an hour this morning, and after driving through the rain was a half an hour late to work. i did not have my coffee. the guys could not get the widener put together right. the asphalt trucks were on time for once but had to sit around waiting. a bus broke down in the live lane. one of the trucks ran into a power line. it threatened to rain. it rained. it hailed. the asphalt trucks were never on time again.
it was a good day. :)

also, since my mom doesnt have internet yet (hopefully today!) i pose the question: did the re-engineering of sticks of butter just happen while the fam was in the process of moving out west, and did it happen universally, or is that just how western butter is? she might have to buy a western butter dish.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

25 words or less.

my day:
i stood on a street corner for 10 hours.
people honked at me.
i made about a hundred dollars.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

mustang secks hair.

haha i love the title of this post. it makes me giggle every time i look at it, just cuz it reminds me of some of my great friends and the fun we have together.

i rode in a mustang this weekend. it was loud, and fast, and pretty sweet. libby took shotgun so i was relegated to the backseat, but that was ok since she's a good friend and we switched after we left the car parts store. silly Brandon the cashier didnt know if pep boys had exhaust pipe or not. and even after i put up with his flirting, he didnt give me even a little discount...

Gretchen sounds like a real car again :) its a good thing her muffler had a hole in it the size of my fist, cuz that helped Phil find out that my brake lines were leaky. neither Gretchen nor myself are dead today thank you Jesus, and people are offering me to help pay for the repairs. i do not know what possesses people to offer so much help when it comes to my car, but i really do appreciate it.

Life is Good.