Sunday, November 16, 2008

things you should know about me.

i am short. i love my family. i am constantly getting older. it scares me that everyone else is getting older too. i want to be an engineer when i grow up. i love sunshine. i think snow is beautiful. my car's name is Gretchen. i love. my favorite number is 26. i love a good movie. dancing in the rain is wonderful fun. i am a die hard Pittsburgh fan. yes, that includes the Pirates. i did not enjoy the newest Bond movie. i have brothers who are not related to me. they are some of my favorite people in the world. warm drinks are best enjoyed in an oversized mug. my family replaced me with a dog. i keep my toenails painted bright colors. i am alive today because my Jesus loves me. my taste in music has been described as schizophrenic. i prefer to call it eclectic. ultimate frisbee with friends is the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. playing soccer makes me feel alive. i wish i understood football better. i like to yell. laughing is my favorite. smiling is a close second. i feel most comfortable when i'm barefoot. new hoodies are delightful. i love office supplies. and calculators. and cameras. i look like i'm twelve. sometimes i feel like i'm still thirteen. i hope my children are beautiful. i love my family. i think everyone should see the movie Bolt. i am a trekkie. my best friend is a cheerleader. i listen to country music. i giggle at inappropriate times. i dance when no one is looking. the best things in life are free. i sing alone in my car at the top of my lungs. i am a fan of my new phone. i wish i had more time to read. i cut my own bangs. i am sentimental. i cry. a keychange makes any song so much better. chocolate makes the world go 'round. i would be lost without my friends. i could go on and on and on. you make me smile :)

i promised.

i told you there would be pictures. this hat is pretty sweet. no i will not bend the brim. or size it so it really fits my head. it is much more fun this way. honest.
my solo was pretty sweet. multiple people told me so. it only took me eight years to finally convince the director that i was good enough for one. it was worth it. i tried to find it on youtube so you could all enjoy it, but apparantly i'm not quite that special. but i will keep you posted. once the world gets a glimpse of this, they'll be dying for more :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

first of the lasts.

it kind of snuck up on me, this whole ending of one season of life and transitioning into something new and exciting... i mean i know i'm a senior in college and all and everything is going to change after graduation, but but all of a sudden i am faced with the first of the lasts and i realize that the future is getting here quicker than i thot.
i didnt realize it right away, but Tuesday was the last practice on the Rugby field (yay for not having to hike up that hill ever again!). Today was my last marching band practice ever. Tomorrow will be my last football game. I will play my solo at halftime, be recognized as a senior, play the fight song one last time, and recieve the horrendous alumni hat. (there will be pictures) Next week will be the last band banquet ever. and i know just how ridiculous it seems and how much of a nerd i am, but band has been a really big part of my life, and the end of this season is a really big deal. the first of the many lasts that will make up this year for me. and while it might be a little bittersweet, i can keep the memories, knowing that the passing of this season makes room for the beginning of another, and who knows how much fun awaits in the series of firsts that promise to follow and fill the spaces left by these lasts?

Monday, November 10, 2008

that time of year.

you know when the end is in sight, but still so far away? when all your work seems to be stacking up around you, threatening to topple over and suffocate you at any moment? when you're on edge and jumpy because your jus a lil too stressed out? when you start overthinking every little detail of your day and every conversation you have? when all you want to do is curl up in your bed, cry, and hope that everything will just go away?

...thats where i am. but the sun is out, and my God is good, so there is hope for the rest of the week.