Monday, March 30, 2009

always a day away.

-get up early and shower
-dress nice and do my hair
-go to polisci and tech and soc
-trip to Cranberry to print the displayboard at Staples
-interview with Whitman, Requardt & Associates
-drive back to campus to tutor Physics
-brass sectional
-grab a quick dinner
-ethics night class
-practice assembling the bridge
-first frisbee game of the year :)
-sleep? please?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

march madness.

the irony of this post is that it has absolutely nothing to do with basketball :) this is jus a quick overview of things that have kept me busy this month since i last updated.

-linedancing on a friday night

-spring breaking in FL and MD

-shooting guns

-turning 22 on the 22nd with a 'surprise' bridge cake!

-playing outside

-getting a snuggie from my sister lol

-building a bridge

-dressing up for film fest

-practicing my fierce face

-painting a bridge

-meeting a frog, i mean a toad, named Steve

-playground adventures

and somewhere in there i still find time to actually go to class, do homework, hunt and apply for jobs, and most days even eat and sleep! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

this is big.

i just emailed out 1.048MB of information about me and applied for an internship with eMi for the Fall semester of 2009. in Costa Rica. i'm a lil bit in shock right now i'm not gonna lie. this might actually happen. whoah.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

low rider on river street.

in honor of video day, i thought i'd venture into the untested realm of video blogging and post my own. sorry its so short, my camera battery died at an inopportune moment, but between the banjo, the harmonica, the pink floyd shirt and the mysterious water bottle full of an unidentified liquid, i think its safe to say this guy was something else.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cocoa beach.

florida is gorgeous. wish y'all were here to share it with me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

80 and sunshiney.

in Florida that is. Its 55 and sunny in the Falls, which is b.e.a.utiful, but i wont be here for long. i'm packing up my stuff and heading off on a whirlwind adventure for a week and a half, in which i will spend time in Franklin, Grove City, FLORIDA, and Maryland. I am a little sad that i am not going home for break :( but my parents love me SO much and they are the reason i get to spend my senior year spring break in Florida with my sister :) we are driving down (in the Rav4 not Gretchen) and soaking up the sun. im excited :):):) i should keep packing, or else ill be sorta outta luck when i run out of clothes before i get back to school !

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

every season.

i am a sucker for seasonal foods. marshmallow peeps. watermelon. strawberries. summer foods in general. september apples. candy corn. pumpkin pie. christmas cookies. conversation hearts.
SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! (we got our first ones of the season on sunday night, March 1st)
^i have no idea why that is all of a sudden a link.

on a note that is only related by the strange way in which my mind connects things, i would like to find someone with videographic proof that i was in fact at one point in my life in the winterguard. my roommates find it hard to wrap their minds around the idea of me in a dance costume, let alone actually dancing in a group to cheesy music WHILE spinning a flag and a sabre. if you happen to know of anyone who can help me prove to them that i'm not making it up, lemme know.