Friday, May 30, 2008


my car makes funny noises :(

i dont really want to talk about it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

all the high points.

Top Ten Things I Should Have Blogged in the Past Two Weeks...

1. Junior Year is OVER!!! (and i'm pretty sure i might have passed all my classes!)
2. My Dad accepted a call from a church... in Wyoming. My family is moving there around the end of July. They will send me a picture of my room, and i will sleep in it over Christmas break.
3. We are selling our house. This means it has to constantly be "presentable." This is proving to be more difficult than it may sound.
4. I found these in my drawers when i was cleaning my room. Mom claims they are going to come back in style. I'm not so sure I believe her, but they are still in my drawer, just in case.
5. I bought a car! It's a black '96 Chevy Cavalier. It kind of looks like a boy's car, and the driver's side door doesn't always close so good. It has character : )
6. I found out that my new car leaks gas. It has a hole rusted high in the tank.
7. I started my job at PennDOT for the summer. There is a job right down the road in Cranberry. I got assigned to a bridge job in West Kittaning. I get to drive an hour to work every day. I'm actually pretty excited.
8. Today has been declared "Drive someone else's car to work today" Day. I drove Mom's car to Indiana, Mom took Dad's car to the hospital, and Dad drove my car to the lake house.
9. The guys at the place where i bought my car said they would put a new gas tank in my car : )
10. Stasi and Micah raised all their support, and they are leaving the country on June 5th!!! YAY!!

All in all. in all. in all in all... Life is Good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

only a dream?

yesterday was reading day... the day which the college gives to us students in between the end of classes and the beginning of finals week to gather our thoughts from the semester and start studying. but who does that? we decided that our reading day would be much better spent playing at Buttermilk falls, napping, eating pizza, watching movies, and criticizing the contestants on American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.
So, after this extremely mentally taxing day i was obviously exhausted so i went to bed a little early and fell straight to sleep. so you can imagine that i was sufficiently confused when i was talking to someone on my phone (i dont remember it ringing or me picking it up), and all of a sudden at one in the morning i was talking to my dad and handing over the keys to my moms car to the blurry shapes on my porch that i assumed through my squinty sleepy eyes to be my parents. Upon further reflection this morning, i was confused as to whether i had actually hugged and talked to my parents on my front porch or if it had all been a very strange dream. But, considering the fact that the keys arent in my purse and the car is no longer parked on the street, i'm really hoping that it wasnt a dream. cuz otherwise, some random person has my moms car and im responsible cuz i gave them the keys... good thing i forgot to give them the credit card...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

mind blowing.

have you ever had one of those days where something small and seemingly insignificant just completely blows your mind? that happened to me this was an electrical outlet. For the past year, my housemates and I have been juggling the crazy amount of electronic devices in our bathroom around what we thought to be the only outlet in the room. poor little guy just couldnt handle it all the time, especially when two people were doing their hair at the same time AND wanting to listen to music (thank you laptops, for pickin up the slack on those ones)
but then... a discovery! hiding behind the towels on the other side of the counter... this guy! this has completely revolutionized our bathroom routine. the days of laptop music and outlet shuffling may well be at an end... just in time for finals week :)