Tuesday, April 15, 2008


inanimate objects keep beating me up.
that test on saturday not only made my head feel like it was in a vice, but also made my shoulders so tense that they still hurt a lil bit today.
last night i had a soccer game. i got in a little bit of a fight with the cement block wall, and then it proceeded to smack me over the head. so then my head hurt, and i spent the rest of the evening limping around Walmart cuz my knees were sore.
today i heard that my car got totalled. ok, so its not really my car at the moment its my sisters, but it was going to be mine until the other stupid car had to go and scrunch up the front of it. thats right, the car did it, there wasnt even any drivers involved.
Dear coalition of inanimate objects: (haha that could be the CIA) PLEASE stop picking on me. if i have done anything to insult your mother or in any other way anger you, i am sorry. Love Always, AmiDawn

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