Thursday, December 19, 2013

of trees and gifts.

'twas the weekend after thanksgiving, and barely december,
when the hubs and i made some memories to remember.
the trees were all leaned in the lot with great care,
knowing that lazy tree shoppers would be there.
you know the ones, like the hubs and me,
who can't muster the energy to chop their own tree.
we wandered just briefly, then to our delight -
Harold the Third was right there in our sights!

Mark paid the nice man and in no time flat,
Harold was tied up on the roof - just like that!
back at home, after lunch, and with our four hands,
we expertly secured Harold upright in his stand.

we strung twinkle lights: green, pink, yellow, and blue,
then followed with snowflakes and ornaments too!
and i sat in the dark just admiring the glow,
so thankful for Christmas and  the love that God shows.

He sent us his Son, in a way quite provincial
to die in our place because we are sinful.
and i celebrate that with all of my might,
so Merry Christmas to all! May your season be bright!


Brenda's Man said...

Harold looks wonderful and I just want to say, I love you and am extremely proud of you always. Merry Christmas.

Jim Iovino said...

Dear Mark and Mandi- your stockings are adorable... and your tree looks great!
the iovinos