Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 non-resolutions.

is it true that the way you spend your New Years is the way you will spend the rest of the year?

for the sake of the rest of my year, i really hope this isn't true. because on my New Years, we left the party around 11 because we are old and lame and i was exhausted and there were harsh words and tears followed by several days of lingering frustration and other various emotions. not exactly an encouraging start for an entire year.

but we did go see Frozen on New Years, which was awesome, so I guess there's hope for the next 358 days.

this year, i want to survive. be happier. be a better adult. i don't know. enjoy? and maybe accomplish a few things while i'm at it? so i shortened up my non-resolution list for this year, to hopefully focus more on the bigger goals that have been languishing un-done on previous lists.

carry-overs from years past:

1. curtains. real curtains. really on my windows. i can do this.
2. read at least 3 non-fiction books. started my first one last night.
3. have pretty flowerbeds. a little tree removal, a little mulching, and then (hopefully) planting a lot of flowers.
4. budget. and then stick to it.
5. ride my bike. i don't think it got out of the shed at all last year.
6. read through my Bible. or maybe listen through it?
7. close my other bank account. this is just pathetic.
8. big book of everything. i have lost one too many passwords. time to get organized.

new for this year:

9. pass the PE. and feel no guilt for basically disappearing for the next 4 months while i study.
10. overcome my fear of the lawnmower. we got a riding lawn tractor. i want to be able to use it.
11. run. i think new shoes are in order.
12. sew a cushion for the entryway bench. top of the sewing list.
13. get the air ducts cleaned. this should just take a phone call.
14. yoga. just because.
15. start the kitchen renovation. it's the next major project on the major project list. kind of a long shot, but we'll see.

obviously there are other things i want to do this year that aren't on this list; like spend quality time with friends and family, and keep making my marriage a priority, and big overarching ideas and areas in which i would like to focus and improve like being a better adult-type person. but for right now, i need my list to be shorter, simpler, and full of things that i can legitimately accomplish and eventually cross off. so here we go.

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