Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this is the best idea i've had in a while.

so i dont know if i've ever mentioned it before, (that's a lie. i know i have) but my kitchen is pretty tiny. like, i-can-fit-the-entire-thing-in-one-picture tiny.

 yeah, that's it. teeny-tiny. as i was taking this picture, my back was up against the wall with the pot rack/shelf over my head, and the fridge is just to my right out of the frame. the cabinets aren't that yellow in real life, but i snapped this picture before work yesterday morning and was too lazy to try and take a better one.

we're actually in the very early planning stages of a GIANT kitchen overhaul. that's not to say that the end result will be a giant kitchen, but the process and effort to get from here to there has the potential to be huge. but until then, i am all about attempting to find little ways to maximize my itsybitsy bit of counter space to keep the kitchen as functional as possible.

so with an exhausting investment of 10 minutes and two command hooks from the basement, i freed up a few square feet of counter space by relocating our lunchboxes. ta-da!

why did i not do this sooner? i really don't know. its such a little thing, but it makes a huge difference in keeping the counters clear and useable.

of course, now i'm a little worried about myself, because if THIS  is the best idea i've had all year, (seriously, two basic command hooks on the wall) i'm thinking i'm either going to need to step up my creative game, or just give up completely at ever having a good, original thought ever again. someone send help. or ideas. or chocolate. or all of the above.

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