Monday, May 19, 2008

all the high points.

Top Ten Things I Should Have Blogged in the Past Two Weeks...

1. Junior Year is OVER!!! (and i'm pretty sure i might have passed all my classes!)
2. My Dad accepted a call from a church... in Wyoming. My family is moving there around the end of July. They will send me a picture of my room, and i will sleep in it over Christmas break.
3. We are selling our house. This means it has to constantly be "presentable." This is proving to be more difficult than it may sound.
4. I found these in my drawers when i was cleaning my room. Mom claims they are going to come back in style. I'm not so sure I believe her, but they are still in my drawer, just in case.
5. I bought a car! It's a black '96 Chevy Cavalier. It kind of looks like a boy's car, and the driver's side door doesn't always close so good. It has character : )
6. I found out that my new car leaks gas. It has a hole rusted high in the tank.
7. I started my job at PennDOT for the summer. There is a job right down the road in Cranberry. I got assigned to a bridge job in West Kittaning. I get to drive an hour to work every day. I'm actually pretty excited.
8. Today has been declared "Drive someone else's car to work today" Day. I drove Mom's car to Indiana, Mom took Dad's car to the hospital, and Dad drove my car to the lake house.
9. The guys at the place where i bought my car said they would put a new gas tank in my car : )
10. Stasi and Micah raised all their support, and they are leaving the country on June 5th!!! YAY!!

All in all. in all. in all in all... Life is Good.


Abi said...

So I must know, was this pic taken downstairs? like you can see the wall all the way to the floor? WOW I tell you what sir, WOW.

Ben said...

Good deal - a car with character, and a new gas tank! :)
Hope Penndot is going well!