Friday, June 13, 2008

i found third grade!

there you have it, rescued from a box of stuff that was about to be incinerated: third grade. complete with not only a report card (all A's) but with photographic evidence as well.
you have no idea how big of a deal this is. this is on the order of the best thing since sliced bread kind of a big deal. this is an entire year of my childhood which should have been filled with many fun times and happy memories but was for some reason completely vacant in my mind. somehow in the shuffle of years and millions of memories, all of third grade had disappeared in not only my mind but in the minds of all of my family and any kind of physical form as well. but no longer!
i am proud to present: Miss Simmon's third grade (95-96)

(my apologies to all persons who will most likely be mocked for the existence and public display of this particular picture)

things i did remember about third grade: 1. it was the year my baby brother was born. 2. i did not have Ms Hudson. 3. it was the year Brads mom was killed. 4. he got moved to Ms Hudson's class.

things i have remembered about third grade since finding this picture:
1. most of the names of the kids in my class (some with last names).
2. i was in speech class that year with two of the boys cuz i had a lisp.
3. i absolutely loved that red outfit with the farm animals on it.

things i still have no memory of: Miss Simmons.


Abi said...

OMG your eyes are crossed in the IS the best thing since cream cheese

Miss Brenda said...

I don't think that is Miss Simmons. I think she is a substitute who was just there for the day and got in the picture. Of course I have no memory of the real Miss Simmons either.

Nancyann said...

We are wishing you would get out of the third grade and post something new more often...Love you, Aunt Nancy and Sarah