Sunday, August 3, 2008

mustang secks hair.

haha i love the title of this post. it makes me giggle every time i look at it, just cuz it reminds me of some of my great friends and the fun we have together.

i rode in a mustang this weekend. it was loud, and fast, and pretty sweet. libby took shotgun so i was relegated to the backseat, but that was ok since she's a good friend and we switched after we left the car parts store. silly Brandon the cashier didnt know if pep boys had exhaust pipe or not. and even after i put up with his flirting, he didnt give me even a little discount...

Gretchen sounds like a real car again :) its a good thing her muffler had a hole in it the size of my fist, cuz that helped Phil find out that my brake lines were leaky. neither Gretchen nor myself are dead today thank you Jesus, and people are offering me to help pay for the repairs. i do not know what possesses people to offer so much help when it comes to my car, but i really do appreciate it.

Life is Good.

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