Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cross it off the list!

it is beginning to seem like my to-do list will never end. as soon as i get to cross something off, there are at least four things waiting to take its place. things on my list right now include: (keep in mind this is by no means all-inclusive)

- Figure out the best way to merge our insurance stuffs
- Come up with a new email account (should include my new last name or not? suggestions welcome)
- Address and send my invitations (the envelopes FINALLY came in the mail!)
- Plan a honeymoon
- Figure out a way to have centerpieces and decorate my reception with a negative budget
and of course there are always the staples: grocery shopping, dishes, cleaning... like i said the list goes on and on.

BUT the one thing i got to cross off this weekend was a biggie: BUYING WEDDING RINGS!!!
the best part of it is how cool everything worked out: we went on Friday evening to look at rings, see what we liked and price our options. the guy showed us the ring that matched my engagement ring perfectly, and then showed us one that was almost identical for 1/3 of the price. the catch was, there was only one of them left. (it was a promotional piece left over from Christmas that someone had on layaway but recently decided they didnt want) so we decided to go home, discuss if we wanted to go with that ring or just a plain white gold band, and said we would come back first thing in the morning. which we did. the problem was, our definition of 'first thing in the morning' on a saturday morning was apparently not as early as some other people, and the ring that we had been looking at that was SUCH a good deal had been bought. fifteen minutes before we got there. cue feeling of despair and disbelief. but wait! fear not! enter amazing ring-store man and his multitude of connections. after just a few moments of browsing a large 3 ring binder and one phone call later, the exact same ring for the exact same deal was found at another location and arrangements were made to have it shipped to MD so it can be my wedding ring!!! how cool is that?

i crossed it off the list. now i have all the big things covered: we have a location, a caterer, and a pastor, everyone in the wedding party will be fully clothed, there will be sufficient photo-documentation and music, and now we've got the rings. we can totally get married. even if no one shows up because the invitations arent sent yet, and there are no decorations on the tables and no little favors for everyone to take home, i am getting married on October 3rd. life is good!

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Abi said...

well since you aren't inviting anyone, favors also aren't important... :P Glad to hear it's all still working out like magic! Bring the invitations and we'll address them this weekend, 4 sets of hands will make light work of them :)
love you