Thursday, July 15, 2010

not quite a pictures worth.

i need a new computer. or maybe just an external harddrive. but i think a new computer is steadily moving towards the top of my 'i need this' list.
as my sister with the babies mentioned, my oldest sister and her husband came back to the states last friday, and this past weekend was spent in NYC hanging out, laughing, eating good food, going to zoos and other fun new yorkish things, and taking LOTS of pictures!! the GOOD news is, somehow i was able to clear enough stuff from my memory to load all the pictures i took (which was not a large fraction of total pictures taken... i didnt fill my card til the last day!) onto my trusty computer Vanilley (counterpart to Milley, who has recently been replaced by Cher - just another sign that a new computer is on the horizon) the BAD news is, i am now once again dangerously low on virtual memory, (i sunk quickly from the yellow triangle with the exclamation point to the much more foreboding red circle with the X) so much so that I am not able to upload any of these fabulous pictures to my blog, or facebook, or any other internet place where they can be enjoyed by the masses. perhaps if i sneak up on it, only doing one picture at a time instead of trying them all at once, i will trick it into having enough memory so i can at least share a few of the best moments. it will be hard to choose though, cuz any moment shared with sisters all in one place is absolutely fantastic! i miss them already. i will see them again in just over a week. i like this plan :) i will take more pictures. i will have to figure out something to do with them.

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