Monday, January 10, 2011


i'm going to be straight-up honest at the beginning of this post and just tell you that this is not one of those "oh poor me i'm having an awful day and here are ten reasons why its awful and yes i know they're all very minor, petty things but they HURT MY FEELINGS and you should feel sorry for me cuz i'm having a horrible day" kind of posts.

on the contrary, i'm having a great day! (glances over shoulder to check for major malfunction coming my way)
i slept in 15 extra minutes which for once was not the beginning of a tragedy since i still managed to shower, get ready, look AMAZING (wearing my fantastically comfy black dress pants, black heels, new uber-soft Christmas sweater, and the new earrings i bought myself for Christmas...sorry i dont have a pic), and pack lunches with about 3 minutes to spare, which i chose to use by crawling back into bed to snuggle a little longer and say goodbye to my amazing husband before he had to wake up to start his day and i headed out the door.

at work, i ate a donut for breakfast that was brought in by the winner of our office fantasy football league (surprise! not me!), and managed to register myself and another girl for a Women in Transportation Seminar event for this wednesday evening (the girl who ususally takes care of the registration isnt going this time because she has a meeting elsewhere that same evening) i filled out the check request form, got it signed by my boss, and gave it to the secretary (who complimented my earrings!) who then gave me the monies so that we can go on a tour of some antique automobiles and participate in the annual business meeting. i felt so official and semi-in-charge and it felt good.

now i'm just hoping that the afternoon will be just as fantastic as the morning...

This afternoon has been decidedly less-productive and much much slower-moving than this morning.
but still, not bad.