Friday, August 16, 2013

catching up.

so. its been a while since i wrote much of anything of substance around here. if pressed for an excuse, i would have to tell you i've been busy. but if you ask me whats new? i would say 'not much.' which is kind of oxymoronic - how can i be busy, but have no new stories to share?

so today i am going to share:

- Mark has started a new project. normally i would say that WE have started a new project, but this one is totally him. he is building us a brand new storage bed, which is to say he is building a queen sized bedframe with a dresser built into it. so far, he has brought all of the material home, and has spent the past two weeks attempting to get all of the pieces cut while dodging scattered showers in the backyard. i swear, as soon as he decided to do all of his woodworking on the back deck to minimize the sawdust mess in the basement, it has done nothing but rain. my only contribution to the project was the first day when i attempted to help cover the stack of plywood with a tarp and ended up dropping the entire thing on my knee and his ankle. i havent even done so much as take a picture since then, to minimize my jinxing effects on the project.

- I have not started any new projects. i blame this on that whole "being busy" thing i've been doing for the past two weeks. this summer has my creativity at a standstill, and i'm having a hard time thinking beyond work, dinner, dishes, laundry. sigh.

- Action Camp was last week. it was awesome. and exhausting. the church does their week of 'camp' for a few hours each evening, so that the maximum number of people from the church will be able to volunteer. this year i was the group leader for the youngest group, the 4-5 year olds, all 25 of them. i had some AMAZING helpers who kept us all sane as we laughed, danced, sang, played, crafted, snacked, learned about our amazing God, and kept tears to a minimum (from both the kids and the adults!)

- we went to the beach last weekend! by the time we got there late on Friday night (after the last night of Action Camp) i was pretty much asleep on my feet. but the beach was just what my exhausted little self needed to unwind and recharge over a long weekend. the beach was sunny, the water was amazing, and i only faceplanted into the sand that one time, and its only because that wave hit me right in the head. apparently getting out of the ocean is difficult, ok?

i felt compelled to take a grand total of 9 pictures at the beach.  and one of them was of my dinner. i have no regrets - that fish was downright thrilling.

- we got rid of cable. we talked about it, and decided that we could live without it. fingers crossed that we actually make it through the end of baseball season without any major withdrawl. and dont even mention football season.

- i partially cleaned my bathroom last night. you dont even want to know how long it had been since i last scrubbed it down, and since i DO know how long it had been i probably shouldnt be proud at all of a partially clean bathroom...but there it is. this is my life.

- i have babies on the brain. this does not mean that i am having babies, or even trying to have babies, but i am thinking about them, and talking about them with my husband. of course some of our conversations are like the one last night, when Mark and I were discussing the merits and possibilities of long distance, virtual babysitters: he thinks that if we knock down some walls to create a more open concept living area, and we get a camera for the tv, we can just have the grandparents skype in to keep an eye on our future kiddos. seems legit, right?

there. now you're all caught up on the must-knows and even the probably-didnt-really-need-to-knows too. we should do this more often.

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Miss Brenda said...

I can facetime in now. Go ahead and have a baby.