Thursday, August 15, 2013

meal plan thursday: august 15.

is it even worth posting a meal plan if the week is already more than halfway over? its not like i put any thought into this week at all. i didnt even make a list before i went to the store on tuesday after work. but i needed an excuse to post this picture that i took on my way home from the store on tuesday, at the tail end of a scattered shower:

this rainbow made me seriously giddy with happiness for the rest of the night. God is just SO good.

no segue here, and no real point in even posting this, but because i know my mom sometimes worries that i might be super overwhelmed and failing at life when i stop blogging for a while, here's proof that we are in fact at least eating this week:

Monday: taco night.
Tuesday: crock pot salsa chicken.
Wednesday: zuchinni black bean and rice skillet.
Thursday: quesadillas.
Friday: BBQ at a friend's house.
Saturday: afternoon wedding!
Sunday: pasta with meat sauce.


Ms. Havener said...

recipe please for zucchini black bean skillet thing. Thank you.

Amanda said...

Sorry that would be Too much effort for today. Browse back a week or so Ive linked to it a zillion times

Miss Brenda said...

Happy to see you are alive and eating. Flying to see you in September. So excited.

Miss Brenda said...
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Amanda said...

i am flying to see YOU in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!

Abi said...

Wait- WHAT!?! when is Miss Brenda flying?