Friday, November 1, 2013

be grateful.

this is one of my favorite family holiday traditions - listing 100 things i am thankful for in the month of November.

i had 'jack-o-lanterns' on the list, but then took it off after i realized that its been in my 'top 10' every year just because i like to share pictures of our carved pumpkins. but i realized that i have PLENTY of other things to be thankful for and i can share pictures without necessarily using it as list-filler. this year's was a collaboration between me and Mark, and i'm kind of really proud of it.

This year, i am thankful for:
1. making it inside before the torrential downpour.
2. laughing with my husband.
3. Friday afternoon phone dates with my Mom.
4. my BFITW Julie. (let's hang out sometime soon?)
5. haircuts.
6. date nights.
7. that my sister didn't get hurt in the car accident.
8. my community group.
9. God's saving grace.
10. tacos.

"be grateful. what you have may not be exactly what you want, but it is a lot and it is yours."                                              -Leah

**as always, these annual november thankful lists are not in any sort of meaningful order other than the random order my brain spits things out.**

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Miss Brenda said...

Calling you right now. Thankful for you.