Friday, March 14, 2014

to do lists.

i started a couple monthly to-do lists yesterday. because i think that small, manageable goals with definite deadlines are sometimes easier to swallow than grand, overarching year-long non-resolutions. and also because i had a strong desire to DO SOMETHING before class last night other than reading my reference manual or working problems.

so i made a couple lists. and then i also decided that i NEEDED to vaccuum the rug in the fireplace room, which involved putting away the sewing machine that has lived there since january, moving the table back into the breakfast nook, and cleaning out the spinny-brush part of the vaccuum cleaner (and figuring out how to put it back together correctly) so that it could actually spin again. i barely got that rug vaccuumed in time before class, but at least i did it. it is done. look at me accomplishing things.

there are a few other things i would like to accomplish in the next few months. little things. manageable things. a couple no-brainer things. just to give me enough stuff to cross off a list to get me through April 11 without feeling like a complete failure at life, and to give me a couple non-studying activities to look forward to.

March Goals:
1. vaccuum the fireplace room rug.
2. finalize the tabs in my reference manual.
3. take two practice exams.
4. turn 27.

April Goals:
1. do not cry during the exam.
2. take a nap.
3. go to Florida.

May Goals: (this is about when life should finally resume to somewhat normal)
1. put away Christmas. (yes, really.)
3. start working out again.
4. clean up all the downed branches in the backyard.
5. hem all my new work pants
6. anything but study, really.

i'm really looking forward to May.

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