Tuesday, January 29, 2008

just hypothetically

so this conversation actually took place in my house this week:

(in the middle of a serious conversation about abortion or something to that effect)

Housemate: But wait, you cant even bring up that situation hypothetically, because that couldn't hypothetically even happen.

and nobody even blinked or missed a beat... the conversation went on.

isn't the point of a hypothetical situation that ANYTHING can happen? and if you are going to have these deep, theological type of conversations, shouldn't somebody in the group know this?

...i am surrounded by idiots...


Stasi said...

sometimes a hypothetical is so rediculous that it is a waste of time to discuss....maybe that's what she meant. or you could be surrounded by idiots.

font seems to have normalized yay!!

Miss Brenda said...

Amidala!!! Great new blog. Yeah for our blogmeister. How do you define the word "real"?

Miss Brenda said...

princess amidala---oh, nevermind.