Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chain Reaction.

it is raining. it is February. ew.

February means Valentine's Day is coming. ew.

the end of February means Spring Break. :) yay!

Spring Break means Costa Rica. :) yay!

February could be worse. I really hope that it does not get any worse, but i am choosing to focus on the :) yay!'s rather than the ew.'s

praying that God makes you aware of the :) yay!'s in your life and reduces the ew.'s.


AmiDawn said...

header better?
we had a thunderstorm here this morning. lightning and thunder!!
Go February!!
Stasi - (posting as you since i just logged in as you to fix the header and toooo lazy to log out and back in)

Abi said...

No rain here. Some snow yesterday, for the first time since before Christmas. So yay for snow! And ordering groceries online. And babies that NAP when you are sick! YAY!

Abi said...

I love you... how are you up to?