Saturday, February 16, 2008

the day after...

Valentine's Day that is.

ok, i know its actually two days after, but i chose to spend the majority of yesterday napping and recuperating from my awful test. (that would be any test in my awful class, kind of like having a math test in a math class.)
i have never been a huge fan of this particular holiday. its become way too commercialized and cheesy, and it seems like its become more of an obligation than anything else for couples, and not much more than a kick-em-while-theyre-down day for those of us who are single. That being said just for the sake of saying it, i've realized something special this year: I am Loved. and thats really what the whole day is about - a celebration of the love that we have, not a sad day spent looking for love in all the wrong places. God has put so much love in my life this year: from my family, my bestest friends, and even that random girl who shared her candy hearts with me. Life is good.
On a similar note, my roommate got engaged yesterday. Yes, the day AFTER valentines day. Kudos to you A, for daring to be different. Sure it might look like an afterthought, like you just missed the memo that the day for lovers was two days ago, but we'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were just being different for the sake of making the occasion extra special.
On related note, the song playing in the Brig yesterday at lunch was "50 ways to leave your lover." Nothing says 'welcome to the day after valentines day' quite like that. Can't help but wonder if the radio station planned that or not.

smile. you are loved. life is good.

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Abi said...

when do you leave?