Saturday, March 22, 2008

cleaning out the eaves...

in my head, that is set to music. oh wait, thats 'bringing in the sheaves'... close but no cigar.

my family is moving. its pretty close to being official. that means we still dont have a date or a place to move, but we're getting closer. this weekend, (along with being my birthday today and easter tomorrow) also marks another historic and monumental landmark in Havener history: the eaves are empty. to an outsider this may not seem like a big deal, but to anyone closely connected, who has seen the eaves or even just heard stories about the eaves, this is huge. it is amazing some of the things we thought were important enough to store for the past 9 years, and really fun to find old treasures that we had forgotten, and things we didnt even know we had... like this:this is one in a set of three: i also have a Yield right of way sign, and a big red Exit sign... apparantly they came with the house, and mom said i could keep them!! **crazy excited smiling face**

Life is Good.

please just take a good look at the kid on that sign and try and tell me thats not the slowest looking child youve ever seen. makes me smile every time :)

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