Sunday, March 16, 2008


that may or may not actually be the word i am looking for, but it seems to fit.

i dont think that my body likes America. i have felt sick and nasty ever since coming back from Costa Rica. it is cold here (i saw snowflakes today) and the food is awful. its actually kind of impressive that after only 10 days of Peruvian (aka really good) food my body has just rejected the twenty previous years in which ive trained it to stomach pretty much anything i feed it from stale peeps and massive amounts of chocolate to cold pizza and root beer. how on earth can i be a successful college student if my stomach has all of a sudden become a picky eater?

also, its pretty intense to try and get my schedule back. suddenly it is so much harder to do my devos every day and spend time talking to God. and when i do take time to just be quiet, my brain gets flooded with all kinds of serious thoughts and i go into overload mode where i break down and cry. and then i feel like a dumb whiny girl who cant handle her own life which is not the truth i am strong and i have God on my side and he loves me and really all in all life is good.

'cause really, how can you not just be in awe of the Creator of something this beautiful?

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Abi said...

when you want to be quiet write it down, the thoughts I mean.