Friday, July 18, 2008

home alone.

not only did i have to come home from vacation in maryland to go to work of all places, but now on top of that i am bored. i have had the house (mostly) to myself for three days, and can not seem to find the joy or excitement in it that i think i should. i mean come on, Macaulay Culkin took over the house and went on crazy adventures and caught bad guys and all kinds of fun stuff... ok maybe i could do without the bad guys trying to break into my house, but i could sure use a little bit of fun in my life.
perhaps i will break the boredom by doing nothing much productive, talkin to my best friend (hey julie thats you!), and goin to a car show. that should be good for tonight :)

ps in case u were wondering, i have only had the house mostly to myself because i have to share it with my whiner-butt dog...

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