Thursday, July 10, 2008

customer service?

i went to McDonalds today. the cashier made me feel dumb. which is ironic, cuz mostly she was just really bad at her job. i no longer work in food service, or even customer service, but if there is one thing i learned its that its not a good idea to make ur customers feel uncomfortable. one easy way to accomplish this is to simply greet them as they step up to the counter.

An acceptable customer service exchange:
Cashier: Hi, can i help you?
Customer: Yeah thanks, i would like...

What i got today:
Cashier: *blank stare*
Me: umm, uhh, duh... <-- honestly, i usually have a better response than that.

I really dont do well with stupid people.


Stasi said...

have you considered that she was really smart and just messing with you?

that is a horrible feeling either way

AmiDawn said...

did u miss the part where i was at mcdonalds? lol...