Friday, April 16, 2010

not my fault.

there is no real good excuse for my hiatus of updates. but i have a bunch of substitute kind-of-interesting excuses instead. here goes:

I am blaming my lack of posting on:

1. Maine. I know its been almost a whole month since i spent a weekend in Maine, celebrated my good friends wedding, and got this amazing rock on my finger, but that was just the beginning. It seems like all my free time and brain space have since become occupied with dates, venues, caterers, flowers, dresses, photographers, decorations, centerpieces, and weather reports. it wakes me up early and keeps me up late. it gives me great joy and stresses me out all at the same time. I am very close now to having a plan. i am excited :)
2. My refridgerator. my guess is that the fridge got jealous of the large amount of time i was spending on the wedding and decided to act out in order to get some much needed attention. long story short: i have a whole new appreciation for the phrase "jello mold" (i am also worried that the bathrooms and laundry are plotting a similar scheme to get my attention)
3. Easter. no, i am not blaming Jesus for my lack of blogging. i'm not that petty. or stupid. this was the first real holiday i spent with Mark's family. and these people like their parties :) it was a whole weekend affair of family, and egg hunting, and more candy than i could/ should eat in a year.
4. Jon Gosselin. i saw him the other day when i was driving to my cousin's house for lunch and to talk wedding. (see? i blame Maine) well at least i thought i saw him. so my internet time that day was spent doing some reconaissance on the type of car he drives to confirm that it was in fact Jon that pulled out right behind me. my life is so glamorous :)
5. Obama. extended the deadling to qualify for the tax credit for first time home buyers. which means our search for a place to live once we get married (Maine again!) kicked into high gear. we researched like crazy, went and looked at some houses in MD over Easter weekend, fell in love with one, and just last night signed all the papers necessary to make an offer. now, we wait. we have 14 days to pull this off and know we have a nice tax return coming our way next year.
6. the if normal wedding stuff isnt enough, i've recently also become preoccupied with wondering if the Steelers and/or Ravens will be playing on our wedding day, who they will be playing, and the nasty implications that could arise if it turned out they were playing each other... the official schedule will be revealed on April 20. i await with baited breath. (is that the right phrase? sounds a little fishy to me)
7. Philadelphia. i spent two days this week and a total of 23 billable hours in Philly counting cars. this made for some long days, lack of sleep, and lack of time to actually be in my apartment in the evenings. I had fun and enjoyed my time in the city but it ate up all my blogging time.

see? its obviously NOT my fault.


Katie said...

Clearly it's not your fault. I usually blame Canada for well everything feel free to blame them too. So would it be weird if I just crashed your wedding to hug your oldest sister?? Also, I love you.

Miss Brenda said...

That's a great list of excuses, I mean reasons. If you rule out tax season, football season and hunting season, you may never set a date. Can I get a job counting cars? I will count all the ones I see between here and Lovell today for practice.

Brenda's Man said...

Your mom and I thought that if the Steelers played the Ravens that day you wouldn't have to worry about the colors for your wedding...Gold and Purple! Nice, huh?