Monday, April 5, 2010

top ten.

things no one ever told me through 4 years of engineering school:

1. Grades don't matter. The guy at the bottom of the class has the same (if not a better) chance of landing a job after graduation as the girls at the top of the class.
2. There is a good chance, depending on the job you take, that you will use absolutely NONE of what you learned in school.
3. Learn how to golf. everybody's doing it.
4. Time management really is important. if you thought school was busy, just wait.
5. Food and electricity and gas cost real money. And 'swipes' are not a legitimately recognized form of currency anywhere outside of Geneva College.
6. Calculus has little to no practical purpose. Spend more time perfecting your mental math skills.
7. Brush up on your gambling skills. anything from the Super Bowl to the Final Four to the birth date of Randi's baby can and will have bets placed on it.
8. Never wear a skirt to work. unless you are absolutely, positively, 100% certain that at no point during your day someone will say to you 'i'll just put this long plot on the floor and then you can roll it up.'

things i learned in school that were actually useful:

1. you can't push a rope.
2. water doesn't flow uphill.


Miss Brenda said...

Maybe you could offer to teach a class, or just guest lecture.

Miss Brenda said...

I read all of your thoughts. Scary, huh? I have a meeting at 5 my time, but will be free around 3:30 your time. How about an 'Old Fashioned Wedding Reception' read Pot-luck? Love you.

Abi said...

oooo I will bring the rolls!!

Brenda's Man said...

Your brother has been doing VERY well with his "mental math skills." Thanks for encouraging him!