Sunday, April 25, 2010

wonderful wedding weekend.

i dont even know where to start this post. i feel like i accomplished so much this weekend. three of my four bridesmaids came on saturday and we went to Davids Bridal to go dress shopping. the lady that was helping us was really nice and a lot of fun. i tried on a bunch of dresses and found something that i really liked about all of them. the last one i tried on was from last year, off the sale rack. it had everything that i liked about all the other dresses, all in one dress. and best of all, it was less than half the original price! talk about amazing. its not what i thought i was looking for when i walked in, but it is absolutely perfect. i would post pictures cuz i want you all to see it and ooh and aah and say WOW thats amazing, but i also dont want Mark to see it before Oct 3.
We also found a dress that we liked for the bridesmaids. i can show you that one. it will be green. this is the only picture we have of it. at one point we had all three of them in the dress, and one that was even the right color. we really did not do so well at taking pictures of the bridesmaids dresses.
and then this afternoon, julie and i designed the save the dates! they look amazing. i cant wait to see them all printed and whatnot.
and if thats not enough, we also met with a caterer and got an estimate, and then i spent the rest of the day researching caterers and photographers.
i feel like i have accomplished so much. i have to remind myself that there's still a lot to do.
but hey, its 'my special day' after all... and if i want to bask in a premature feeling of accomplishment, then by all means thats what i'll do.
life is good.


Miss Brenda said...

Certainly you deserve to bask. Bask on.

Abi said...

The dresses look very different in pictures than when we had them on, to me at least... still like them :) Thanks for letting us come, sorry we missed the second day of wedding world extravaganza ... I figured on the two of you on the couch watching gsn all weekend. :)love ya

the indians and pirates said...

Congrats on the engagement and upcoming wedding!

By the way, we're feeling pretty good about the answer you chose in our blog contest... :)