Friday, May 14, 2010

barbecueing in a sauna.

this morning i woke up early (guess my body was making up for sleeping in yesterday cuz i thought it was saturday) and my apartment was like a sauna. yes, i had turned the heat back on the past couple of days, but i couldnt figure out why it was 86 degrees when the heat was only set for 70. but since once again today was not saturday, i didnt have much time to investigate, so i turned on the air and went about my getting ready.

when i was all dressed and ready to go, i went into the kitchen to get some breakfast, and it was unbelievably EVEN hotter in there! like someone barbecueing in a sauna! it was then i realized that the oven was turned on. and had been left on.

at 400 degrees.




sometimes my own idiocy astounds me. but just in case you were wondering, the fries i had with my burger last night were absolutely delicious.

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