Friday, May 28, 2010

songs in my head.

i am going on a Grand Vacation this weekend. i am extremely excited. so much so that i have had a song in my head all week. it is about Arizona. it is a sad song. it goes something like this:

don't you know there is no Arizona... no painted desert, no Sedona and if there was a Grand Canyon, she could fill it up with the lies he told her. but they don't exist - those dreams he sold her. She'll wake up and find there is no Arizona.

this is sad to me. but i cannot think of any other song about Arizona. i can think about happy songs about other states:
Sweet Home Alabama
California Girls (daisy dukes, bikinis on top)
Georgia on My Mind
Meet Virginia (i cant wait to...)
Devil Went Down to Georgia
Mississippi Girl

not to mention the ones that dont have the state right in the song title :
West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home country roads...

there are even some cities that get their own song:
in the morning i'm leaving makin my way back to Cleveland...
yes, we have no bananas... bananas in Scranton, PA.
but Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana (my home sweet home!)

WHY is there not a happier song about Arizona?


Stasi said...
not really happier, but more upbeat at least.
downbeat and weird!
has the word whore house in it. but nice intro music Mellow.

Abi said...


(Alternate State Anthem)
Written and Performed by Rex Allen and Rex Allen Jr.
Adopted 1982

I love you, Arizona;
Your mountains, deserts and streams;
The rise of Dos Cabezas*
And the outlaws I see in my dreams;

I love you Arizona,
Superstitions* and all;
The warmth you give at sunrise;
Your sunsets put music in us all.

Oo, Arizona;
You're the magic in me;
Oo, Arizona,
You're the life-blood of me;

I love you Arizona;
Desert dust on the wind;
The sage and cactus are blooming,
And the smell of the rain on your skin.

Oo, Arizona;
You're the magic in me;
Oo, Arizona,
You're the life-blood of me.

According to the state of Arizona: "Superstitions" refers to the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, and "Dos Cabezas," meaning two heads, refers to two mountain peaks in Cochise County Arizona.

Brenda's Man said...

I love my musical daughters!