Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quick and dirty.

i am still alive. i am still getting married in October. i bought wedding flowers last weekend with my MOH, BFOTB, and BFITW. i still go to work. i still like my job. today i lost the word 'unsuitable' multiple times. (this was unfortunate because i was classifying soil excavation as either suitable or un...acceptable? ...specified? ...suitable!!!) Mark and i are going tonight to look at a few foreclosure houses. my roses have no blooms, but are not dead. i started painting something last week. i am going on a Grand Vacation this weekend :) and on a beach vacation in June. my sister comes home in July! i have been thinking a lot about home and moving on and missed opportunities this week. i need to start working out on a regular basis again. i re-started daily devos. i'm on day 4. i like it :)