Monday, August 2, 2010


there are probably a million other things that i should be doing right now... like thinking about carpet shopping, or paint colors, or wedding ceremony details, or reception decorations, or you know WORKING lol but instead i have found myself today completey preoccupied with this blog.

i was directed to their family's musings from another blog of a family that i know and follow and love. i was attracted by their passion, captivated by their adorable little girls, became enthralled with their story, and find myself extremely challenged by their lives.

here is a young family that is a few years down the road from where I am in my own life right now, and as i read about how they are living and loving through the struggles and joys of being married and raising a family and growing together and fully relying on God to provide for direction and their every need, i can only hope that one day someone will stumble across my blog (which i will at that point no doubt keep up with better frequency than i have this summer) and have the same kind of experience and thought process that i have today.

i pray that in my life i will not become so focused on myself and my own dreams and desires that i fail to see the needs of those around me and the ways in which i can help.
i pray that my personal life and my marriage will be so Christ-focused that i dont have to work really hard to convince myself that its ok to depend on Him.
i pray that i will be receptive to Gods calling in my life, in whatever capacity that may be.
i pray that my husband-to-be will continue to be the strong spiritual leader that i fell in love with who will also be receptive to and supportive of my own convictions.
i pray that i will continue to be challenged in my own life as the years go by, that i will not be satisfied with what is comfortable and easy.
i pray that i will continue to be surrounded by supportive, Godly examples of what the Christian life looks like when lived out day after day.
i pray that above all else, my life would be a testimony to the faithfulness of my Lord and Savior and his abundant love for a sinner like me.

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Miss Brenda said...

I pray these things for you as well. I love where your thoughts are right now.