Tuesday, November 9, 2010

barely thankful.

the grocery store and i do not get along. there is something about the grocery store that just knows how to get under my skin and make any good mood completely dissolve into frustration, anger, and hate, with a little bit of self-loathing thrown in there just for fun. i dont know how it does it. but it does. every time.

last night i was close to getting out intact - i picked up everything on my little list, with a couple extra things thrown in cause i was shopping hungry, (although YAY for me i managed to make it out without any ice cream or impulse buy candy cuz i knew we already had some at home!) and i only had to go the whole way back across the store once because i had forgotten something. i was feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

and then i got to the check-out.

i picked the line with only one person in it. sure, she had a lot of groceries, but she appeared to be over halfway done. it wasnt until after i had unloaded my cart onto the belt that she pulled out the coupons. i swear she had every. single. coupon. that was in that week's paper. and every. single. coupon. had to be verified by the cashier, and a few of them even needed managers approval. she used so many coupons, i think she got money back. honestly. i think i stood in that checkout line for a half an hour!

it was all downhill from there. the checkout lady overcharged me for my apples. an old lady in the parking lot yelled at me for sitting too long at a stop sign. i had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid rear ending a truck that just didnt understand the full value of a turning lane.

but despite all of that...

31. grocery stores. because i think if i want to have food, my only other option is to own a farm, and i'm thinking that there is a very good chance that i would be much worse at farming than i am at shopping.
32. good brakes and tires so i did NOT hit the idiot trucks on the road or die while swerving out of their way.
33. my sister who convinced me that chucking my groceries down the driveway would not be a productive means of making me feel better.

"give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"                                        I Thessalonians 5:18

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