Sunday, November 21, 2010

sending myself home for the holidays.

for the past few weeks, i have not exactly been on top of things. i oversleep my alarm in the mornings, at dinnertime i throw together an assortment of (hopefully) edible things to eat because i havent planned a meal in weeks and i let my husband do the grocery shopping this week, i still don't have all my thank you's written from my wedding (that was a month and a half ago), and Thanksgiving has snuck up on me this year. (i could have sworn i had another week!) but in an effort to regain my position of power over my own life, i have decided to put all of this behind me and i am moving on to make sure i am prepared for the next big thing: Christmas!

i have decided that i am going to use for our Christmas cards this year. after all, this will be the first year that i have EVER sent out my own cards, and since i just got married this past October and moved to a new state, i do not get to see enough of the people i love most, (and they definately do not get to see enough of me!) so i figure what better way to send a Christmas greeting than with my smiling face plastered all over it? AND if i use a wedding picture (which by the way is yet another un-done thing on my ever-growing to do list) then it might almost make up for the fact that i didnt get to make Shutterfly thank-you cards like i had originally been planning on.

i started looking through the many options of new holiday cards, and quickly found several that i liked. the colors are fun and bright, and they are full of messages of love and joy, which is exactly how i am feeling going into this holiday season - full of love for all the wonderful people in my life, and joyful that they are in my life.

i picked a couple designs that i like really well, and i have a few pictures in mind that i like a lot. so if this goes well, i might eventually get around to making a photo book of my favorite wedding memories (or maybe just as many as i can get to fit since all my memories are great!)

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