Thursday, February 24, 2011

a calendar year.

 this year, i somehow ended up with a lot of calendars.

this one, i got from work. after hardly using my work-issued desk calendar last year, i opted for the smaller version for 2011. i cross off every day of the week in a different colored hi-lighter, which results in a lovely rainbow effect. i am hoping that my hi-lighters will last all year, otherwise my pattern will be broken, and who knows what kind of uproar and anarchy will ensue if that were to happen. it currently hangs on my brand new bulletin board (not pictured because i got it after i took the picture and was too lazy to re-take the picture) on my desk.

another desk accesory that is all but required in the cubicle world is the tear-off desk calendar. mine features Peanuts cartoons - in full color! on the back of each day is a little bit of bonus fun including (but not limited to) sudoku puzzles, mazes, word searches, fun facts, and the occasional joke. i originally bought this calendar as a Christmas exchange gift for a gift exchange that i didnt end up going to, and since it wasnt exactly the type of thing i could hold onto and regift next year, i just decided to use it.

this is one of my favorites. this shy groudhog named Jean is the second offering from the Calendar of the Month Club from each month features an adorable paper-craft calendar that is fun to create and fun to have on my desk. January's calendar was a 'cat-loving yeti' who still sits up on my desk. i have gotten multiple comments and compliments on them, and i cant wait to see what next month will bring.

at home, hanging in my kitchen (on the might one day become a chalkboard wall), i have this gem. its another thing-i-bought-as-a-backup-Christmas-gift-and-never-found-the-right-person-to-gift-it-to calendar that i found here, and it was too cute and fun to not use. the best part is that the bottom of each month doubles as a super-cute postcard, so i get to share the cute letterpress designs with a friend every month!

and just in case this isnt enough calendars to be impressive and over-excessive, you should just know that we also have an Office-quotes tear-off calendar in our front room, i keep a calendar on my work computer, and i also try my best to keep the calendar on my phone up-to-date with my goings-ons so i can mostly avoid over-booking myself (cause im in SUCH high demand lol) and some days i wish i just had a big calendar at home that we could write all our stuff on just to have it all in one place. because despite all of the calendars in my life, i'm still not what anyone would consider organized...

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