Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MVA: take 4.

a couple Fridays ago, i decided it would be a good day to take some more time off work and head back to the MVA to try and get my car registered in the state i am actually living in. i left work in what i thought was plenty of time to get there, sit and wait for. ev. er. until they called my number, and still get to the science fair on time (dude - apparently i'm qualified to judge science fairs now! how cool is that?!)

well, the universe had other plans.

this is the light where i sat and waited to turn left to get to the MVA. for FIVE light cycles. people were getting out of the turn lane it was that bad. and then when the light finally turned green, the lady in front wasnt even paying attention. i honked my horn at her ignorance.

this is where i waited for TWO HOURS for them to call C63. apparently everyone thinks that Friday afternoon is best spent sitting on uncomfortable metal benches.

and this is what FIFTEEN MINUTES OF REAL WORK BY MVA EMPLOYEES (five of which were spent trying to figure out what was wrong with the printer) got me! ugly new Maryland plates with lots of red on them to clash with my beautiful orange car! tada!

i was late to the science fair. and my plates still arent actually on my car (but they really enjoy riding in my passenger seat)... sophie doesnt have a place to put front plates... any suggestions for what to do about that?

maybe this saga will end eventually. maybe all my stuff will finally get to be all tied down to one place that i can call home. maybe the solution was really simple and it just took me the long way around to get there. maybe i'm just a little slow to the uptake ...

... or maybe i should just continue to blame it all on the MVA...


i got my new plates put on my car! on Friday i called the dealer to find out if i needed to get a bracket for my front plate, and they told me that it just bolts right to the bumper - and upon closer inspection i found the two little indentations where the plate should go. one pretty quick and painless trip to my local mechanic later, and sophie is now the proud owner of a hip and trendy maryland nose-piercing!


Miss Brenda said...

You got to judge a science fair? You are my hero.

Brenda's Man said...

there should be a place on the front bumper