Wednesday, July 3, 2013

yardsale finds: volume 3.

(clockwise-ish, from the left)

worst-case scenario survival game, 2-drawer filing cabinet, the softest giraffe you will ever meet, long silver necklace, big blanket basket, miniature ladybug tea set, curious george christmas ornament, potted succulent candle, kid-sized Jets jersey, nalgene water bottle, collection of pixar animated shorts, assorted paper punches, vintage painted bottle, big adorable mug, moonshine jug.  Total Spent: $24.50

Nadine's sister Courtney got to come 'sailing with us on this trip, which was great fun. some of their treasures of the day included a couple vintage cameras, new running shoes, cat earrings, cute new clothes, and even some plants. we each ended up with some fun things as well as some practical things, (even some FREE things!) and only had to endure one deprecating comment from a passing woman on a bicycle. a successful day indeed! the only thing that could have made it better would have been if the ice cream place would have actually been open when we stopped in at 10am... maybe next time...


Courtney Birdsall said...
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Courtney Birdsall said...

Deprecating is an understatement! haha.. I love bartering adventures with you two! Also, I miss you!