Wednesday, July 31, 2013

yardsale finds: volume 4.

it's really kind of a shame that My 2 Aunts were on a plane on Saturday heading to Florida. let me be clear: it was not a shame that they were heading to Florida because hello! Florida has beaches and sunshine! but since they didnt stick around Maryland a little longer, they missed out on the chance to meet Nadine and yardsale with us. it was one of our shorter excursions, (only about half the morning) but we still managed to pack Sophie full of our fun finds. check it out:

(items listed clockwise-ish from left)

two beach chairs, fun picture frame, floor lamp, skirt for my niece, board game (i've never heard of it, but should be at least a dollars worth of fun), three books, the complete tales of beatrix potter, 6 waterford champagne flutes to gift (etched with bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, forever, and good luck), ribbon cake stand, cool glass container, book plate rubber stamp, and a cute spring decoration. (not pictured: 1 cup of lemonade)   Total Spent: $24.50

other things that we fit in the car included a pirate-y looking trunk (we half expected to find treasure inside) and a little dresser that both went home with Nadine. so in hindsight, its probably a good thing the Aunts couldnt come along this time since the backseat was pretty full even after just the first sale of the day. maybe it'll happen the next time they come visit... are there still yardsales in September?


Minnie said...

So sorry we missed the hunt. I have that ribbon cake plate-I have it on an easel and write on it with dry-erase marker

Amanda said...

ooh - now i need to find an easel :)