Monday, July 1, 2013

meal plan monday: july 1.

so. gluten free week was... semi-successful. i did really well on Monday and Tuesday. and then on Wednesday i had a catered lunch meeting where i ate a delicious ham sandwich on a croissant and two cookies the size of my head. Thursday night i didnt feel like cooking dinner so we ordered a pizza. Saturday i went out for dinner with a friend to Noodles & Co. and then on Sunday we just ate leftover pizza. so... i made it 3 out of 7 days, and 8 out of 14 meals i managed to stay gluten-free. at best that's a 57.1% success rate, and at worst 42.8% depending on how you choose to measure.

i did notice that i felt better on the days and after the meals that were GF. i doubt i lost any weight this week, what with the cookies and ice cream i let myself indulge in here and there. (dont judge me, it was keeping my PMS at bay) and i didnt bother to weigh myself at all so i can neither confirm nor deny that. the new GF recipes i tried last week were DELICIOUS, so they will probably be repeated in the future and you should try them too.

Mark almost literally inhaled this steak, avacado and all. there were no leftovers.

based on this little experiment i'm guessing that i'll be able to manage one or two days each week that are GF, but its not looking to turn into a full-time lifestyle change in the very near future.

and that's really all i have to say about that.

Monday: citrus herb chicken with veggies.
Tuesday: chicken fried rice. (recipe)
Wednesday: 3rd of July party. typical cookout food.
Thursday: 4th of July party at the in-laws.
Friday: zuchinni, black bean, rice skillet. (recipe)
Saturday: lazy lasagna with salad.
Sunday: lunch out with college friends.


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