Thursday, October 17, 2013

another little thing.

at one point during girls weekend, i started a project. just because i had a little bit of time, and i already had all of the parts i needed just sitting around the house, since i had picked them up several weeks ago (if not months) during a random shopping trip with my friend Nadine.
this was my inspiration:

but like any good inspiration, i did not copy it exactly: i put my own touch on it, and i'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out.

who knew i had this many necklaces?

instead of individually sourcing my knobs over time into an eclectic collection of time and memories, i found my knobs all at the same place: the clearance aisle of Michael's for $0.99 each. and while i was there, i picked up a pre-routed board/plaque for $8 too.

to attach the knobs, i used a drill bit that was the same size as the post on the knobs to make six evenly spaced holes in the board. then, i flipped the board over and used a larger paddle bit to  make space for the nut to fit down in the board, allowing it to sit flush on the wall.

i painted my board with two coats of trim paint we have leftover in the basement from painting pretty much every room in the house. i got all of these steps done, and then the project sat for a few more weeks, waiting for me to muster up the time and energy to figure out how to shorten the posts on the knobs. for some reason, i decided Monday would be the day.

after a frustrating hour spent with a handsaw, i hadn't even made it through one post. and i had six to do. thankfully, Mark came home and helped me knock the rest out with a combination of some ingenuity and a sawzall.

tangentially related: my earring tree.

on Tuesday, i picked up some command velcro on my way home from work, and i hung that bad boy on the wall. and then i organized my jewelry. and i cleaned my dresser. and i cleaned Mark's dreser too. and i hung the full length mirror on the wall. and i relocated my belts. and i dusted our entire bedroom. and then i sat down on the couch and didn't do anything else for the rest of the night.

i'm a little sad i didnt take time to get a before picture of my dresser - but just imagine all of that same stuff, plus a little more, just spread mostly willy-nilly all over the top of it. yeah, it wasn't pretty. but this new system is! necklaces have a hanger, earrings have the tree, (except for the ones that can't hang - they have a box) and bracelets and headbands hang out on a neat blue wine bottle.  fingers crossed i can keep it this organized and clean...

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Miss Brenda said...

As someone who recently saw the top of your dresser in its previous messy state, I tell you what. Wow.