Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'fashions fade, style is eternal.'

let me get this out of the way right up front: i am not a fashion blogger. i will (most likely) never be a fashion blogger. i'm just not fashionable enough on a regular basis.
it's not that i don't try to be fashionable or at least look reasonably put-together - because i do think that a properly functioning adult-type person should at the very least be able to dress themselves in clean, appropriate clothing on the daily. (thanks mom!) i've even gone so far as to curate my very own style(ish) pinterest board. but even that board hints that i'm just not always that good at it. (grand total of 11 pins, only 2 of which are actual outfits) and you know what? honestly, some days it's just too much to worry about proper accessories at 6am.

get in my closet!
from here and here via pinterest
but every now and then, i have a good day, style-wise. in fact, i had one of those days last week, when i pulled together a look that prompted two total strangers to compliment me and inquire about my outfit. yeah, i'm not even humble-bragging right now, i am straight-up bragging. because those women in Home Depot and Target made my whole week, and i just want to tell everyone about it.
i even took a poorly-lit picture to share with you all to really show off. because nothing says 'i am so fashionable and stylish and fashion-blog worthy!' like awkward self-timer pictures in the living room after dark.   
fashion bloggers do source lists, right?
scarf: UptownCheapskate. sweater: JCPenney? cami: Kohls. skirt: Target. tights:Target. boots: Payless.

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Brenda's Man said...

You're always beautiful dear