Sunday, September 28, 2008

inspired by Miss Brenda.

(... Miss Brenda! Miss Brenda Brenda Brenda Brenda Brenda...)

but i digress.

i got ready this morning extra early for church today, so i have time to post this. all i wanted to do was find my shoes. and considering the fact that im such a slob, i figured this wouldn't be too much of a problem - i have shoes all over the apartment.

and if my picture uploader didnt hate me, i would show you pictures of:

the black sandals that julie borrowed yesterday, sitting behind her desk (which is right beside mine)
my good tennis shoes and two pairs of sandals (brown and green) sitting beside my desk.
the yellow sandals i wore to walk down to the band festival last night sitting by the table directly behind our desks, and my band shoes on the bench of the table right above the sandals.
a pair of julie's shoes in the bottom of my closet, with two other pairs of my shoes. (and a couple hoodies)
my 8th grade school shoes in front of the mirror behind my desk.
the grungy tennis shoes i wore to play softball last week (with the socks too) sitting by the balcony door.
my closet shoe organizer. still full of shoes.
AND the brown shoes i was looking for, hiding under the couch :)

Rhys has more shoes than i do. i dont feel so bad.

(...where's my penny shaker?!...)

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Brenda's Man said...

Be careful this is a dangerous road you travel...your mother was reduced to wearing your brother's old crocs at one point yesterday. nuff said.