Tuesday, February 23, 2010

first in flight.

another unfortunate name surfaced on the corporate website: Wilbert Wright. i can't decide if thats worse than April Showers or not.
do you think the parents hate their kids that much? are they just performing some sort of social experiment through their children? did they not realize the long term implications of naming their children? were they hoping they would increase their chances of being famous by giving them such odd names? opinions?


Abi said...

When naming their children perhaps they did not think past the 'oh how cute' stage... As a baby when the name was 'new' it would have been clever, maybe?. Or maybe they were unaware, like me and that stupid magazine... no I did not name Claire after a fashion magazine!!!

Miss Brenda said...

Check his age. Maybe he was born prior to 1903. Or maybe he is a direct descendant of the Wright brothers and he was named after his great grandfather. Maybe his parents were trying to motivate him to greatness. Could Orville Redenbacher be his cousin?